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Product Origin:

Dezhou, China

Delivery time:

15-25 days

Supply Capacity:

8000 Tons/Yea

Key words:


Product description

That generally cohesive bulk materials do not flow easily in chutes and hoppers. Changes in moisture and particle size affect the products flowability. These materials stick to the hopper walls and will negatively affect productivity. Traditional steel surfaces also become rough and corroded over time, compounding the problems and increasing the loss in productivity.


PE-UHMW Total Solution

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (PE-UHMW) occupies the extreme end of the polyethylene performance spectrum. With a molecular weight ranging from 3 to 7 million g/mol, PE-UHMW linear polymer chaines are 10 times longer than conventional High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

This unique molecular structure give PE-UHMW it’s exceptional properties like below:
▷ Density : 0.92-0.96 g/cm³
▷ Tensile strength at yield : 15-20 Mpa
▷ Notched impact strength : 80-170kJ/㎡
▷ Shore Hardness D : 60-63
▷ Max con. Temperature : 80℃

Applying PE-UHMW as Hopper Liner
PE-UHMW 1000 properties have meet the full range of material flow, friction and wear challenge associated with bulk materials.

PE-UHMW excellent properties that needed to handle bulk material are:
▷ Very low dynamic friction coefficient
▷ Extreme wear resistance
▷ Corrosion resistance
▷ High impact strength
▷ Service temperature range

Benefit of PE-UHMW as a lining material is:
▷ No incrustations of bulk material
▷ No bridging caused in hoppers
▷ Enhanced protection of plant and machinery against wear
▷ Cost of lining exist hopper with PE-UHMW is one third of the cost of mild steel
▷ PE-UHMW is half the weight of steel, despite being three times as thick 

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The company adopts international advanced production procedures, introduces advanced testing equipment, and implements strict inspection of raw material supply.